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Cash out fees change

Started by Admin 2019-03-07 at 22:55
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Dear members,

The Bitcoin fee is being changed from today. It is now as low as 2 cents plus 3% from the cash out amount. For comparison, before it was 40 cents plus 3% from the cash out amount. This will save you a lot of money and it is thanks to the Bitcoin stable and low blockchain fee. It is rarely getting up, and most of the time it is like 2-5 cents. I hope this will make you cash out to Bitcoin more than Skrill and Neteller.

The Skrill and the Neteller fees are up to 60 cents plus 2% from the cash out amount. It is 50 cents more compared to the yesterday fees. This change was necessary because of 2 reasons:

1. No one is reading the site rules - I have said it a million times that the Standard members and the Non-investors, cannot cash out to Skrill and Neteller, but no one is listening. You make me closing the processors. Also, the minimum Neteller payment is 5$ per transaction, why don't you stop cashing out amounts that are lower than that? Both rules are on the Terms of service page, it will take 1 minute to read them and update yourselves.

2. The higher fees are necessary because both processors have really huge fees per single transaction and I cannot continue covering them by myself. It is time that we share the fees. Its that hard to send 2-3$ payments and pay 60-90 cents fees every time.

As I previously have said it, the future is in the Crypto market, take advantage today and cash out to Bitcoins, this will save you money.
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thanks admin and you are right the future is in the Crypto market ...
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Thanks, Admin, for this good news, I did not pay attention to such things, I was looking for Skrill Account, and even I have my Skill A/c for Transactions, but as per your suggestion, now I will replace Bitcoin with Skrill.
Now to the point, I have Bitcoin Wallet app on my phone and on Desktop, but I am not familiar, how to proceed further?? Please guide me on how to find my default Bitcoin Wallet Address to share with and how to generate different Unique Bitcoin Addresses for different clients???
Please let me know in a little bit details.
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