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BTC and other Cryptos are Suspended Until Further Notice
Published on 12-03-2020

Hello Members, 


Due to the huge drop down in the BTC price, plus the rates of the other supported crypto coins, I am suspending all deposits and withdrawals until further notice. Once the price stabilizes, I will enable them again.


No place for panics, it is to avoid some speculations that might raise with the BTC price. It is currently down with more than 30%, down to 6000$ for 1BTC. 


Cliquebook Media 2020

New Offerwall - BITSWALL
Published on 27-02-2020

I have added a new Offerwall, called Bitswall, today. It has PTC ads to click and videos to watch, enjoy them. As always, for every amount earned with the Offerwalls, you also earn cash-out points, that unlock your payments. For more information about the cash-out points, you may read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For the publishers who want to join the new Offerwall, here is my referral link:

As you know PTCWALL has closed and Minutestaff is experiencing problems with their SSL certificate and you may NOT use their services at the moment. It is why, BITSWALL will find its nice place among the cool Offerwalls, here in Cliquebook. 

Data Center Failure
Published on 04-11-2019

Network issue at the data center

Dear members,

Today a network issue at the datacenter happened to make the servers and many PTC sites unreachable.

The issue is now solved and the advertisement clicking for today will not be required. This requirement will be enabled again tomorrow evening.


I am sorry for any trouble that might have caused. 

Uniclique and Airtm
Published on 25-07-2019


My referral link is:

As a verified user, complete a minimum of 3 transactions (deposits or withdrawals, not including sends) with a minimum total value of $5 and you will be eligible for the bonus! 

Published on 25-07-2019

Dear Members,


If you have NOT INVESTED WITH SKRILL, PLEASE DO NOT CASH OUT TO SKRILL. Skrill is open only for Skrill investors. I am tired paying 60 cents fee for every 2$ payment and this should stop. If you do not listen to me and continue cashing out to Skrill, I will not be processing the payments but refund them. This is also noted a long time ago in our Terms of Service. Effective immediately. You may easily sign up with Airtm and start receiving payments to any payment processor without such huge fees. 



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